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We denounce with righteous indignation and likely men beguiled to demoralized the charms of pleasure they cannot foresee the pain and trouble

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Key2wealth is an extremely rewarding Global Advertising and Private Crowdfunding Platform.The primary mission at Key2wealth is to provide low-cost advertising services for the crypto community as well as help our community members attain financial freedom and prosperity through dedicated guidance. With Key2wealth, No one is left behind. Everyone in the community joining Key2wealth is working together to build a People Helping People Community of Winners. Our payplan is very simple, easy, lucrative and duplicable.

Actually recent studies have shown that only 30% of population around the world knows about smartcontract. So the 70% don't like smartcontract. Even Forsage a pioneer of smart contract is having issues dealling with bugs on the TRX network, it's hard to make a transaction because of bugs in that blockchain as well the transaction fees have also gone up. Forsage Ethereum crashed because of hacks and huge ethereum fees.

Here are a few list of some of the disadvantages of smart contracts programs.
  • The authors of "Finding The Greedy, Prodigal, and Suicidal Contracts at Scale" analyzed 970,898 smart contracts and discovered that 34,200 "of them are easy targets for hacking. That means about 1 in 20 smart contracts are at risk of getting hacked.

  • With a smart contract, once their is a bug in the system, you cannot correct it. A smart contract system cannot be upgraded. And life is all about change.

  • You also require a dapp browser or physical PC to be able to access your wallet, making it Very unfriendly for newbees and none technical people to access a smart contract.

  • With Smart contracts, members are limited to very few crypto currencies.

  • With Smart contracts , the transaction fees can be very expensive . Sometimes, as high as $25 transaction fees for a small $10 transaction.

Key2wealth has a very powerful advertising product. Key2wealth offers multiple Advertising Packages. Every Ad slot purchase comes with Banner Ad Credits, Login Ad Credits and Text Ad Credits you can use to promote your websites to our ever growing crypto community & Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world.

The Key2Wealth X3 and X4 programs are matrices with 12 level of slots each , where every level slot has a certain number of places for the partners to occupy.

There are three places in 1 line in each X3 matrix slot, and six places in 2 lines in the X4 matrix slots. When a slot fills out, meaning all the places are occupied by direct referrals and team members, a new slot of the same level reactivates automatically with the X3 plan. However, with X4, you get cycle bonus and also get a new slot in the next level. You are automatically upgraded to the next level.

Every next slot costs twice as much as the previous one to activate but allows you to earn twice as much rewards. Activating the next more expensive slot is called an Upgrade.

To become an active member of Key2Wealth, a new member must register and activates the first slots in X3 & X4 reward programs, which cost $5.00 each. This makes it $10.00 in total to register. The first slots of X3 & X4 are always activated together, they cannot be purchased separately. Next Ad slots (Upgrades) can be activated separately but only one after another.

Key2Wealth allows payment from the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), USDT (TRC-20).

Your deposit will show up in your account automatically after 2 to 3 blockchain network confirmations with Bitcoin transactions. For other currencies: TRON, USDT, BUSD etc. Please allow between 10 Minutes to 60 Minutes depending on the network. Your deposit will show up immediately after the payment process is completed.

As soon as you've reached your minimum withdrawal amount of $5.00, you can request payout with a maximum of $2.000.00 withdrawals daily. All withdrawals are processed manually after due checks to avoid fraudulent withdrawals. We process all withdrawal requests within 48 hours except on Sundays. Sometimes it will be so fast it will feel instant.

We have a decent repurchase policy to ensure that more and more people will have their position cycled in this platform. We have a moderate 90% / 10% repurchase policy. This means 10% of your earnings will go to your repurchase wallet while 90% can be fully withdrawn. Funds in your repurchase balance can only be used to make further purchases of Ad slots in the network.

The Minimum deposit amount is set at $10.00 but due to crypto currency fees, you may fund a minimum of $11.00 .

PIF basically means Pay It Forward . You can pay your direct referrals into becoming active in the program by Pifing them in. From your own account , you can use your own funds to pay them into the program and they will become active referrals while you earn commission on them. But also their is the global Pif tool that allows anyone to pay either their direct referrals if not upgraded after 72hrs to be upgraded.

Then please contact our support department and you will get response within 48hrs. Thank you!!